Grade 6


The meaning of home

The meaning of home
I love the feeling of my home
At home I have a family
We all live happily
I like to go outside
And going for nice bike rides
When I play outside in the winter I’m bundled up and cozy
When I come inside my cheeks are rosy
I like to cuddle up on the couch with my cat
With the fire place on warming me up
I am loved in my home
I never feel alone
Loved by my mom dad two sisters and two cats
I love movie nights at home with my family
With warm popcorn and yummy treats
I like sleeping in on Saturdays
Playing outside and swimming in my pool on warm sunny days
I always have good feelings about home
Having nice suppers around the table with my family
Holiday dinners are extra special
Our house is full of family and friends and extra love during the special days
On the days I don’t feel so great my family cheers me up
My cats play and fight
But they are usually up at night
A cozy feel when I am set for bed
Nice snuggles from my kitty act
I love it when my cat sleeps on my pillow
Purring in my ear puts me to sleep
When I wake up I see the sun shine bright
Home is where I see my family
My family is my home