Grade 6


The Meaning of Home

Home is basically one thing that keeps your life stable here’s why. You can sleep in your bed, to be ready for school. You can see family and friends at your house, and the memories you make with them will never fade away. Your home is one of your biggest valuables, it can hold some of your biggest valuables. You can meet for Christmas, or thanksgiving or more! Home is the place where you grow up in, you can earn your toys earlier in life, or your first car later on. Home is where you grow.
Home is a shelter for you, whether you’re in there away from thunder, tornados or even a coyote. If you’re hungry you can go to the kitchen fridge, you can grab fruits, vegetables, or meat. Home can be a destination to meet family, or even friends, they can come there and stay with you for a while. Home can be a place to rest, even taking a nap. It’s a safe place from thief’s or bad people, locks on windows and doors can keep them away. If you’re hurt you can go home and get a band aid you fix yourself up. There is way more stuff that a home helps you with, but there is too much too list. Your home is the place you live, the most important place to you. No matter how far away, or how long you have been away, it’s always your only home.