Grade 6


The Meaning Of Home

Home is a place that everybody should share
Home is a place that no one can compare
There may be injuries, memories and lies
But you’ll get over it and time will fly
Home is a place where you make new friends
Home is a place where love will never end

Relatives, cousins my mom and dad
Love is what makes every family so fab
My only home is Canada, and Canada it will always be
My home Canada is filled so much happiness, love and glee
Winter, spring, summer, fall
This is what makes beautiful Canada unique and all

I’ve lived in Canada since 2005
It’s meant so much to me and other people’s lives
Outdoor fun and holidays are always so great
Christmas, thanksgiving let’s celebrate
When I am hurt, sick or very sore
Home is always there for me forever and more

I can’t imagine losing someone I love
I’ve made so many memories with them and now their up above
Every home is special you can’t break the connection
At home you feel safe under it’s protection