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The Meaning of Home

The meaning of home
Home is a place that you love the best,
No other place could make you love it less.
When you walk through home memories are everywhere,
Happily dancing, swirling through the air.
Home could be a place that makes you feel full of love,
Love that never leaves you, never fly’s away like a dove.
Home could be a person that you love so,
No matter what you do, no matter where you go.
Your home doesn’t have to be big and grand,
Your home could be small and no much land.
But homes are made of hopes,
And your hopes could be big,
And bring you wonderful, wondrous things.
The thought no home is actually quite sad,
And is definitely bad.
I love my home as much as you,
And I know you probably love your home too.
Homes are very important to me and you,
So let’s help others get a home that feels true.
We can donate money and sometime,
To make sure other homes are as divine.
Home are the best for you and I,
It’s where life starts and life dies.
So let’s give a home to everyone,
So they can start a life full of fun.
And that is what I think homes should be,
But you can see home differently.