Grade 5


“The Meaning of Home”…

The Meaning of “Home”….

The meaning of “home”. Most would think it’s just a place to sleep, a place to play. That’s true, but it’s much more than that. Home is a place where you learned many, many things. As you grew older, days may come in which you might feel dreary, sad and blue. But home will always be there with you. Now in your senior years, both house and you, the feeling of home will forever be with you. Remember the time when you ran around in the front yard? Or the time you fell off your bike on the street? Every home is of an un comparable worth. Yours, mine, every one’s. For me, (and probably you, too) home is a place full to bursting with memories. It’s the place you cherished most, the place you loved. And it’s called home. Nothing more, nothing less.