Grade 6


The Meaning of Home

The Meaning of Home

At home I see my family, I love them very much,
I feel safe around them, and I see them a bunch,
They make me feel happy, even if I’m sad,
They make me feel better, they make me feel glad
I love it at home.

I feel safe at home, day or night,
I play with my brothers, and sometimes we fight,
I’m lucky to have a bed, but when I think about it in my head,
Some people don’t have one, they sleep on the ground instead,
I love it at home.

I have a dog, his name is Finn,
We sometimes have races, and I never win,
I love him very much, we always have fun,
I play with him outside, mostly in the sun,
I love it at home.

At home I practice, it’s either soccer or dance,
I’ll show you some moves, if you give me a chance,
At home I am busy, sometimes doing homework,
Maybe on my iPad, or doing house work,
I love it at home.

Home is important, we need it in our life,
A home is important to everyone, to help us deal with strife,
I love it at home.