Grade 6


The Meaning of Home

Everyday I go home to my family,
And everyday they welcome me.
Home is where I feel special and safe,
Home is where I go everyday.

I love my mom and love my dad,
They’re my parents and I’m glad.
I have two brothers that play hockey,
I love my sister and she loves me.

I know my family is always there,
I know they love me I know they care.
I love them and they love me,
Home is where I’m meant to be.

“Home sweet Home” is not just a saying,
Home is where we’re always playing.
Home is where we grow and grow,
Home is safe and that I know.

That is where I like to roam,
Now you know I love my home.
Other people are not as lucky,
They don’t have a home like me.

Now you’ve had a chance to see,
What my home means to me.