Grade 6


The meaning of home

A house is not a home because it’s is just a structure you live under but a home can be anywhere. Home is important to me because it is always their for you when you’re happy, sad, angry, excited, etc. your best moments are at home. You share secrets of love are hatred and so does your home. Home is where you eat, sleep, work and play. You’re loved it. Home is not just not a structure it’s where you get loved. When you walk the streets and you see people without homes and nobody by their side helping them it just simply makes you sad and I think why does this have to happen to people’s do check if pocket change. Imagine you had no home and nobody to love you wouldn’t you feel sad. If I had a chance to give back to the community I will take it. When my parents and I are taking apart something that still can be used and do want it we donated to they donate it to habitat for humanity so we can help build a home in our community. OWe love home and I am thankful for it and so should you.