Grade 6

New Brunswick

the meaning of home

The Meaning of HOME.
By Hugh Englehart

Home is where I am safe. It is where I am loved and where I am appreciated.
I live at home with my family. My brother and I love our house and we have lots of fun there. We have meals together, play music and have movie night on Fridays.
Home to me is where I get my own room. I love my comfy bed and could stay there and read for hours. I like to sleep in because my house is quiet.
Sometimes I like to be home by myself, other times I like to have friends over to play. We can have a s’more party or zip line in my backyard.
Home is what I miss when I am away at Kilcoo Camp. I go to camp for a month and it is so sweet to home back home. When I am away, I miss the meals, showering and the peace and quiet.
My home is a house but it holds all my memories. I hope other people can feel happy about their home. I know some people don’t have homes and that makes me sad. I would like to help those people someday.
I can walk to school from my home but I am always happy at the end of the day to get back home.