Grade 5

British Columbia

The Meaning of Home

The Meaning Of Home

Home is a awesome place where you can feel safe and where you can find all your old memories. Also you can have fun and be with your family at home. Keep reading and you will learn what home is.

Can we talk about safety a little bit? What makes me feel safe are the walls and roof of my house. When I’m with my family I feel very safe.
Even when I am jumping on my trampoline or riding my bike I feel safe.

May I tell you about two of my favourite
memories I had with my family? My favourite memory is When I first got my two favourite bunnies Dora and Piper.
Celebrated new year’s with my family.these are my favourite memories

When I’m with my mom, dad, sister and me I feel at home. When I think of vacation I think of my family camping. Oh! I can’t forget when I play with my bunnies it is amazing fun !

Well as you can see I love hanging out with my family. Since home is a place where you can feel safe and find your old memories. You can also be yourself and most of all have fun! This is what home means to me.