Grade 4

British Columbia

The Meaning of Home

The meaning of home

My home is a place where I feel welcome and safe. I feel safe because I know no one will break into my home. That’s what makes my house a home.
I always have fun in my home with all my family just my mom, dad, sister and me because we do lots of fun stuff like playing games going on hikes that are really fun because we do it all together.
Home is a place where I feel happy and it’s a very special place. I feel lucky that I live in a safe place filled with laughter, love and happiness and that I get to do lots of fun things with my family.
I love my home and I could not Imagine if I would not be able to be here, living in my amazing home. So you you should know it’s a lot different living in house than a home. A home is one of the greatest things you can have.