Grade 4


The Meaning of Home

The Meaning of Home

Home can be a place built with halls and walls,
Where you go through your life, through your trips and falls.
Or it might be your continent, your country of fun
Where you live through your life from the age of one.

Your home can be your happy place
It can bring a smile to your face.
Because home is a place where memories roam
Where you might have a bath filled with bubbles and foam.

You enjoy your home with your family
So you might have a wonderful family tree.
Having a home is a wonderful treasure.
It will fill your life with joy and pleasure.

Like having a shelter away from the storm
Or a nice cozy bed to keep you nice, safe, and warm.
But we must help the poor for they haven’t got that
And in the freezing cold winter they don’t have a coat, scarf, or hat.

Now there’s a lot of home interpretations,
so interpret however you like.
For you it might be a safe place to sleep
or a place to ride your bike.
But for me…
This is home.