Grade 5

British Columbia

The Meaning of Home

The meaning of home.

Home is a thing you love. Home is a place where you keep good memories. It’s a place where you lie

down on the bed and read a book or write or draw. Home is where you feel safe and happy. Home is

where you discover new things. Home is where you might have a pet. Home is where you feel

comfortable. Home is the place where you know that people are going to encourage you with

anything you do. Home is the ideal place for you.

Your home is unique just like everyone’s

home. Your friend’s home will not feel like home to you. Home feels good to you. Home is where

you have nice people all around you. Home is your paradise. A house is not a home because it is just an

object. A home is not an object. It’s what makes you feel happy and loved. Home can move to different

places but it’s always there. Home is the thing you remember forever.