Grade 4


The Meaning of Home

At home I have a family that gives me comfort, and support, and love. Many people mistake a home for a house but home is where you have love, and memories. My home has drinkable water and food. I feel safe and loved. A home is where you live and feel good about yourself there. All homes have furniture and clothes and some homes have pets, but usually apartment buildings don’t allow pets and sometimes they allow certain pets.
Homes usually have rooms, and/or privacy. People usually buy big homes for families and smaller homes for smaller families or for just one person.

Homes usually have phones, and television, and Pads etc. Many people are more comfortable at home specifically at their home. A few people work at home for that reason. Some people are actually scared of leaving their home and that makes life harder for them. For some people home is just a house.

Home is a place you live long enough to feel safe, and welcomed, and loved, and have memories. Sometimes a home doesn’t even have to be where you live. Home can be a town, village, or city, or province, or country, or continent etc. It is sad to think of anyone without a home. A home is not just a home it is a place you live and where you feel safe, and loved, and happiness, and have memories. It doesn’t matter where you live it matters what you feel there and who is there. Homes are important for emotions and health. Even if homes are poor quality they are still your home as long as you have positive emotions for your home, the people, and memories and things at home.