Grade 5

British Columbia

The Meaning of Home

The meaning of home

Home is a place we should all enjoy with our family.
When me,mom,dad,Nina and Raven have dinner together I feel quite cozy.
I feel so much love and comfort when I’m at home.
The thing about home is that it has strife.
If home didn’t have bad things or perish,
there would be a lot less things to cherish!
Oh and how i love jumping on the trampoline!
And vacations and relatives and all of those things!
The community, oh the community!
There are so many good things about the community!
There are nice schools where I make most of my friends.
Then when I have those friends we grow a bond and it is super fun!
Then we have neighbours new and old who we grow a bond with too!
With all this stuff in the community it’s hard not to go woo hoo!
But the thing that pieces it all together is the weather.
I know I sound like a fool saying this, but for me it is true.
For me it is like the peaceful rain that falls down makes me feel at peace.
There is also the peaceful wind that blows around which makes it even better!
Then finally there are the thunderstorms that make me feel so alive!
Home is great place we should all enjoy.
Why not help others
To have the same thing as I?