Grade 4

British Columbia

The Meaning of Home

The meaning of home

In my home, I have all I need. I have family, happiness, comfort and love.
It is just my mom, my dad, mysister, our cat and me. I won’t feel alone at home. I don’t have to live in a house to be at home, but if I moved away it would be different. Home is a place where I feel safe and welcome. Home is special. Home is filled with laughter and happiness. My home makes happy because I can go on walks with my family in our safe neighbourhood, all the happy memories, and because it is a great place to be.

Home is a place we all love. It is comfortable, and it’s the place I belong. There is no place like home. A house is just a roof and walls with no life, but a home can bring a house to life. My home would not be home if there was no family, happiness, love or
comfort. This is what home means to me.