Grade 6


The meaning of home!

The meaning of home!

Home is a place like no other. Home is special place to do what you want and feel safe and good about yourself. You express your feelings weather it is crying or laughing. I am thankful that I have clean food and water which most of us take for granted. One of the reasons I love my house, is because of the people I share it with! The people who live in my home are… my mom, my dad. I also have my sister, and my brother. But my favourite family member is my dog, Toby! I love my family! My home makes me feel warm and cozy everyday before I go to bed. Everyday after school, I go to my room and thank God for that day and how thankful I am for my house. Everybody’s home is different is some way. Weather it is small or big or short or short or tall. But some people’s homes near us are garbage bags or rocks. But god is always with us no matter where we live, we could live anywhere, anytime, or anyplace but god with always be with you. People in our country do not feel safe like we do before we go to bed or wake up every morning.

Now what does a home mean to you?