Grade 6



The meaning of a home. Home is a place where you feel welcome. I have a house and it is a blessing, Sometimes I think of the children and adults who don’t have a home and that me makes very sad. A house is a community because there are my family and my neighbors all around me.

I have a house and especially in my house I can sleep. The best feeling is when my head hits the pillow and knowing when some people live on the streets and train stations and do not have what we need to keep us alive. That should not happen, and we can make a difference by starting charities and to decrease the population of homelessness, over the years I realized that the population of homelessness has increased. Now let’s stop talking about homelessness and start thinking why home is incredible…

Home is amazing because it’s a place where you can express your feelings, sad, mad, happy you name it. Its also a place to pray and I pray every night for everyone and especially those who are homeless. I also pray because I’m Catholic and believe in God, Mary, and Jesus and you may not be Catholic and perhaps do not believe in these people but I do. The House is something that keeps you alive because it offers a kitchen, and you can make food and drinks. The House is welcoming and faithful and so much more like kind. This is the best place in the world not past places you have been too or a country where you have already visited.

Your home is unique, and mine is too. Just be grateful for what you have and do not take advantage of it. That is what means home to me.