Grade 6


The Meaning of Home

I wake up every morning in a nice warm bed.
I pick some clothes from a drawer, thinking of toasted bread.

I always eat a large breakfast, more than enough.
I greet my loving family, three other people and a small pup.

When my mom tells me off, for taking so long,
I rush up the stairs and I let out a moan that sounds like a gong.

What I don’t realize is that I am very fortunate, to have a nice house with warm running water and a mountain of clothes.

Some people you know, don’t have all of this,
not even a mom to give them a wet, sloppy kiss.

Now think of these people who don’t have a house but,
we can save them you know with a click of your mouse.

You can donate online to organizations that help those people,
but make sure that you donate to an organization that is legal.

My home is a place that I love and all people deserve,
even those people that have lots of nerve.

The meaning of home you see,
is a place where you feel safe, most people would agree.

A home is also a place where you can receive deliveries
and make beautiful memories.