Grade 6

Niagara Falls

The Meaning of HOME

The Meaning of HOME

The word “Home” might just be a simple word to you but if you look past the letters you’ll realise that truly being “Home” is not something you can just see and hear. You have to experience it for yourself..

H is for happiness. Happiness is the feeling you get when you arrive home and you see the ones you love, in the place you love. Home is a place with bright smiles and warm hearts. There is no better feeling than to be home.

O – Open arms. Your home is a judge free zone where you are always welcome. Everything you do is extraordinary at home, when in reality it might not be. The ones you love and the ones who love you back will always be there to support you throughout the journey called life.

M means many thanks. You are thankful for what you have, and your family is thankful for you. Your home is a place where you feel protected, loved, and sheltered from the raging storm outside. Everything you own is a blessing, no matter how big or how small

E represents everlasting love. In your home love is all around you, in the air you breathe and the hearty meals your mother cooks. Your family and everything you own is filled to the absolute maximum with love. In the cold and darkness of the night, love is the light and the warmth to make it all ok again.

That’s what home means to me. Home is a place to feel joyful and to be free.