Grade 6


The meaning of home

The meaning of home.

To me home can be anywhere, condo house and even your school. But the only necessity is to be loved by one another. I have five people in my family my baby sister, my older sister, my mom and my dad, and I can’t forget my four year old dog Skipton. My baby sister calms me and makes me feel happy and relaxed. My older sister is bossy but she makes me feel safe.My mom tells me if I put my mind to it, I can do anything. My dad makes me feel like I’m strong and I help him fix the car if there is a problem with it. My dog Skipton makes me feel like I am in a soft blanket because he is so fluffy and cute. I have many cousins all over the world. I have some in the USA, China, Russia, Africa, Nigeria, Madagascar, and California. The meaning of home really means to belong.Thank you for reading my meaning of home!