Grade 6


The meaning of Home

The meaning home…!
Home It is wonderful, Amazing, and Awesome. When am home It’s Awesome I love My family and they love me I love Spending time with the family but there are days you don’t Get along with them they yell at you and you yell back! But don’t because you cause them stress and if you cause to much they might die! That’s Not Good Its bad. but the meaning of home is this…its lovely and its where all your memories stay. It unique your whole life is there and it stays there FOREVER! Never leaves. What’s sad is that a lot of people don’t have Homes that’s very very sad and when its cold there will freeze to death. So, try to Help the poor to Get a house Give money to by food, forcing let them live give them Jackets to live against the cold. Or even let them live with you but you are better than everyone only you can decide on your choices and when you make choices make sure they’re good choice cause if there not bad things will happen and you don’t want that? but now I ran out of words to say so bye.