Grade 5


The Meaning of Home

Ever since my parents bought our house I have made many memories, for example crawling, talking and walking. You will too in your new house. When you buy a house you make memories, but you also can finally call a place home. You can make memories with neighbors and with friends at school. You will make memories during the special celebrations of the year like Christmas, Easter and birthdays, but also all of the everyday activities that fill a home, like baking cookies or playing in your room.
Did you know that not everybody has a house? Schools collect food around Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter for people who can’t afford to buy food. Could you imagine sleeping in the cold, freezing winter? They have no shelter and sleep on the street or maybe on a street bench. So thank you for giving people a place to stay.
In Canada we are lucky to be able to have houses to give us shelter and warmth. A house can just be a building though. A HOME is more than just a house. A home is filled with many memories and traditions, for example putting up a tree for Christmas. The biggest thing that makes a house a home is love.