Grade 4


The Meaning Of Home

The Meaning of Home
Chanho Park
The meaning of home is very important for everyone. It is important because it has lots of special things that you need. One thing that you need is electricity. Electricity is important for light,cars,and lots more. Quickly ,You also get food from a garden and eat lots of healthy vegetables. There is also a supply of clean water that you can drink from a clean cup. You can have a cozy chair that is warm. A house is where you can see your grandfather and grandmother. A home is where you can see your parents. Roofs can protect you. A house is where you can sleep and spend time with your siblings. You can have a fridge to store your food that you have bought. You have a freezer where you can put cold drinks. A home means that you can spend time with God. For me,I think that the meaning of home is special in many ways.