Grade 5

Richmond Hill

The meaning of home.

From my home, I look outside and now I finally realize. I am lucky to have a home for it is a shelter for when it rains and when it’s cold outside.
Home provides you with safety. Have you ever been bullied? Home is that place, with no bullying. It’s a place with peace and it’s where you will feel safe. How about when you ran into a problem online or with some friends? Remember that there is always someone there to lend a helping hand.
Home builds up your personality. It gives you the gift of joy, curiosity and generosity. Do you need a place to study? Go to your home!
Remember how you spent your childhood? All those birthdays, playdates? Don’t you remember how your home once inspired you to do something great one day?
Home is where learning begins. It’s where you learn your numbers and your letters. Home is where you open your eyes to amazing sights. Home is where education is most important. Home is brings curiosity. Have you ever wondered where all that knowledge and happiness began from? It began since you first opened your eyes, when you first arrived home.
You’re lucky to have a home but sadly, many others don’t. We can change that by giving them a home.