Grade 4


The Meaning of Home

Home! When I first think of home I think of a nice warm bed, nice juicy fruits, nice crispy food, and nice joyful toys. But when some others think of home they think of greasy garbage to eat, concrete to sleep on, and stones to throw. Do you see the difference? Which one would you want to have? But there are a whole lot more homes then you think there are. For instance, Earth is a human’s home. Mars is an Alien’s home. I think a home should be a place where you are loved and you should be a free person. I have a home called a house. It’s built out of a roof and walls. But that’s not all to it. Home should be built out of love and happiness, that’s a stronger force than anything. But some people don’t have anybody to love and that means no happiness. Would you want to be grumpy your whole life? I don’t think I would. Home should have family so you can share your deepest secrets. So don’t go thinking you need another house or if you have one. Have some empathy for people that live on the streets for once.
Because there’s no place like HOME!!!!