Grade 6


The meaning of home

The Meaning Of Home

The meaning of home to me is a place to feel secure, a place to live and be thankful.

First, the meaning of home is a place to feel secure.A place to be loved. Homes have furnaces clean water etc. To keep you warm in cold weather to keep you cool in warm weather and give you a happy life style.To keep me safe from harsh weather. A home is a place where you have friends who like you for who you are.

Second, the meaning of home is to have a place to live. To be with the people you love and under a roof of warm, cozy house. I am happy because i have clean clothes i am because there was a elementary school: Gibson Elementary in St. Louis Homes, USA that had no clean clothes so the school bought a washer and dryer and the attendance increase. But 21,000 people die of hunger, no shelter etc. so the least we can do is donate to those less fortunate.

Finally,the meaning of home is to be thankful.To have a family and a bed to sleep. To have a family and a place to go.To be glad to be fortunate with clothing, food, shelter, good health a happy life etc. And to know that you have hard working parents who provide you with things.

Furthermore, A home is what you will always have. A home has luxury’s things you need but most importantly it is stored with memories it has been there from fun times to rough times it was always there for me and never left.

In conclusion, the meaning of home is a place you feel secure, a place to live and to be thankful.