Grade 6


The Meaning of Home

It is my family – grandparents, parents, two brothers and I – all together. We sit together joyfully, sipping hot cocoa while letting the great flames from the fireplace illuminate the room. We begin a friendly game of cards with my brothers on my side and my parents on the other. As the wonderful aromas of dinner cooking wafts throughout the house, our mouths begin to water, signifying dinner on its way. We talk about our day and the children get asked about homework. We laugh and enjoy the moment, wishing it could never end. This is what home means to me.

Many people take these luxuries for granted and don’t appreciate it. What they don’t know is that many people would give anything they had in order to have even a small taste of the life we have. We should be thankful because those who are less fortunate, those who have illnesses, and those who don’t have homes are out dumpster diving or stuck in a sick bed away from their families. Christmas is the time for families, like us, to come together but those people don’t have the chance to be when it is dark and cold outside.

I believe we should do something to others by sharing our joy and happiness. So, for the last two years, I, along with my two younger brothers, have joined the Outreach Program organized by Mount Royal University. Every month we go to senior homes, children’s hospital, and other places to play piano for them in order to share our music and warmth with them. It makes the seniors and sick children feel happy and feel at home. I am glad that we are able to bring a home-like atmosphere through music which makes every one of us a family.