Grade 4


The Meaning of Home

The meaning of “home” means having shelter, pets, money, food, water, furniture, etc. Most people in the world have a home. Some don’t, so we need to make those people have homes and stuff like that. To have a home you have to have money. To have money you have to have a job, unless you make a sign and ask for money and food. Almost every day, I see at least one homeless person, well, maybe not every day, but sometimes I see poor people. Once I gave a dollar and the reason I gave him a dollar was because I got a toy before that was seventeen dollars or so, but he thanked me. I’m pretty sure that he didn’t have a sign which means I don’t know, but I think he was pretty poor, possibly without a home.
Having a home is a place where you throw parties, play, sleep, have comfort, watch T.V.; a place to be warm, to have health and to live and I bet if everyone in the world helps everyone will have a home. A home is a place to have stuffies and toy cars.
Next time I see a homeless person, I will try to give him or her twenty dollars. Maybe if they don’t have a family, I might take them home. Okay, maybe not to my home, but I will build them a little compartment for them and give them all sorts of stuff and if they have nothing I will lead him or her to my house and let them take all the wood we have; well, maybe not all the wood, the plywood we don’t use and some of our bricks.