Grade 6


The Meaning of Home

My meaning of home is the memories with family and friends,Space and feelings

I like when family and friends come over and we all sit down and play games. And when we go to my grandma’s and papa’s house for christmas dinners and it always smelt so good.But there is 1 memory i’ll never forget when me and my family built our house last year it was so cool to learn all of these things for it. And friends I have this best friend and we have so many memories together I can’t even count.

It’s all about the space i like how we each have our own rooms in my home. And outside we have 3 acres lots of room to run around but my sister still runs in the house.It’s a good thing we have a big kitchen and living room. And friends i have this best friend named Mya D and we have so many memories we have new each other since kindergarten.

At my home I always feel safe and happy because the people there love and care about me and there is no dangerous things to get hurt from

At my home I feel good and safe. This is my meaning.