Grade 6


The Meaning of Home

The meaning of home is making memories, playing and having sleepovers with my friends and eating dinner and having family game night with my family

Me my family and friends make memories in my home all the time, by playing games, baking treats playing outside and inside we imagine things like we live on an island and we sleep on rocks!

My home is somewhere that my family feels safe. It’s where we eat our turkey on thanksgiving day, and open our presents on christmas morning. Me and my brother pretend we are camping and we sleep in a tent in the summer outside of my home with my puppy.

Me and my friends have sleepovers and make memories in my home. We play games like tag, hide and go seek, and man hunt , when we play hide and go seek I always hide in my barn up in the loft nobody ever finds me and sometimes i hide in my moms car i also have a secret spot it’s behind a curtain on my washer and dryer I’ve never got caught there.

My home is where my family and I feel safe. I love my home!