Grade 6


The Meaning of Home

I think the meaning of home is about making memories and eating nice dinners with your friends, and family, and feeling safe.

My family likes when we all eat together at the same time but it is hard because we are very busy but we try to. We like when we have thanksgiving and get my mom’s side of the family and we all sit down and eat dinner and talk because it is really the only time that we see each other.

My friends and I love to have fun sleep overs at my house and play fun games. We watch movies and when they sleep over we make forts and sometimes we make them big enough fourt so we can sleep in them it is so much fun when my friends come over.

Where My family and I feel safe.I love my home I feel so safe we go outside and go for walks my house is a farm and it is in the middle of no war. When my friends come over my parents let us go outside because my parents think that it’s safe for us to go outside by ourselves.

It’s what me and my family love I feel so safe in my home