Grade 6


The Meaning of Home

What is a home? The place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household. To us, where we find joy in electronic entertainment and where we can rest after arduous days at work is home.

We have dreams in life but doesn’t everyone? We dream of being rich when we grow up when others dream of someday being able to afford school supplies.

We as a society and a nation build our lives under the foundations and principalities of name brands and materials while others build their lives under the foundation of love, anticipation and each other.

I would hate to call this country a developed country when we have so many people lying on the streets. Sure our country may have tourist attractions and a myriad of lakes but we also have many people coming to our country relying on the lifestyle they believe is a standard rather than an expectation. They come to seek wellbeing and a future for them and their families while we still have people struggling to afford or even find a “home” in their own nation.

I once read, ” it takes hands to build a house but it takes hearts to build a home .” So what is a home? A home is built when you love together, cry together, fall together, overcome together, succeed together, smile together and cherish together. It does not cost thousands of dollars nor does it need monthly payments: yet, it is something that so many people are deprived of and take for granted though it is a necessity. The meaning of home is: hearts that unite as one not to worry about riches but to start a journey knowing if they have each other, the fight they are fighting is already won.