Grade 6


the meaning of home

The Meaning of Home

Home is the place where you grow up. Home is the place where you can feel safe. Home is where the heart lies.

When you are feeling sad or glum, and you feel like there is nowhere that fits you. Think again, because you have your home. When you are hurt and need help, your home will help you recover. When you are alone and friendless, your home will be there for you. Your home is a place where you learn. Your home is a place where you create the greatest memories of all. Those memories you will surely never forget. Your home will provide you with warmth and love. Your home is where you and your family laugh and play. When the day is over, you go back to your home. For protection against the frigid night.

My home is the best place of all because it is where I always smile. Even during rainy days, I will always smile. I know in my home I am safe. I am surrounded by the ones I love. We laugh and we smile. The best things that have happened to me have been in my home. I love my home.

Many people take homes for granted, but not all people have a home. I see people living on the street. I try to imagine how they feel. With no protection, no warmth, no happiness, and most of all: No home. I give them some changes, hoping that maybe one day, they can have a safe and comfortable home as I do.