Grade 6


The Meaning of Home

The Meaning of Home


A place where you will definitely feel delighted,

A place where everyone will feel safe and invited,

Without family there is no home,

With your family you’ll have the emotional syndrome,

It’s a place where you make memories,

You’ll be surprised with your different discoveries.

When tough decisions are done,

Home is always a place where you can have fun,

Love makes a home a HOME.

A feeling you will never be empty of,

If there’s trouble, home makes you feel secure,

But if it doesn’t YET, have faith, there’ll always be a cure.

Off the streets and inside home,

With your family you won’t feel alone,

Never take your home for granted,

Even though your family can become slanted.

There are many different places to explore and roam,

But there will never be a place like…