Grade 5


The Meaning Of Home

Home is a place where we keep our memories,mistakes and our feeling.
Home keeps memories from the past and the future it is a place that keeps our mistakes.
Home is where we get educated and learn from our and others great mistakes.
Home is a place we can’t forget and it helps us from getting mad and upset.
Home is a meaningful place that helps you recover from horrible mistakes.
We have bad memories that is true but that is the past lets look at something new.

Home is a place that gives you free shelter and for that reason home needs to be loved
People who don’t have the opportunity to have a home is extremely sad.
They don’t get the love,respect and the feeling of having a of a home.
Home is a place where we settle and grow even if we grow fast or slow.
Home is never forgettable and your homes love is nearly unstoppable.
Your home know your future that is true but the one thing it doesn’t know is when you will stop caring for it.