Grade 6


The Meaning of Home

The Meaning Of Home

What does home mean to me? Home means safety, comfort, and love. Home is a place for laughing and crying with your friends, family and pets. Home is somewhere you get to sleep in a bed, eat food and you get to have fun. For some, home doesn’t mean a house, it means a place you fit in and feel accepted, a place where you can be yourself and not be judged or harmed. For me home means both of those. School is home for me, because I can be myself and laugh and have fun with my friends. Even though school can be hard sometimes, I still consider it home. My house is home for me, because I have a loving family. I have amazing parents, a sometimes annoying but awesome brother, an adorable dog and an evil but somewhat sweet cat. My house is home for me because I get to eat food, have a comfortable bed and I get to play video games with my brother. Home can be frustrating sometimes but you always get the love you need. Home is somewhere you can let emotions run free, you don’t have to be afraid to cry or laugh. My house feels like my dog Lucy, my cat Monty, my bed and pages of a good book. Home for me smells like delicious dinners, scented candles, cat and dog. My house sounds like chaos. It sounds like my dog barking, my cat meowing and picking at the front door, laptop mice clicking, a sports game playing on tv and most importantly music. Home for me and my family looks like dog hair, dust flying everywhere, dog toys, video games and it’s messy sometimes, but most of the time it’s clean. Home looks, sounds, smells and feels different for everyone. Food, water and shelter is what home is, but some people don’t have that, so I am grateful for my home no matter what it looks like. Even though home can be frustrating sometimes you should always give and get the love you and and others need.