Grade 6


The Meaning of Home

The Meaning of Home
They say “Home is where your heart is”. Home, to me is a place where I feel safe and secure. Home is where i can be myself and not be judged. Home is the place where I can laugh, have fun, and be loved. I feel safe at Home because i have caring parents, a brother who would do anything for me, a family who supports each other, who talks openly about anything, and most importantly, we all love each other. At Home I feel secure because I have a safe shelter and I can go to sleep with locked doors. I can be myself because I have a family who accepts me for who I am, who supports what I want to do, and helps me achieve my goals. At Home I’m not judged, if I do something crazy or weird, I don’t get judged. Home is where I can laugh with my family, I can have fun with my brother, and I can be loved lots by my parents. Home looks like cat hair flying around in the sunlight, comfy clothes lounging on the couch, chaos running out the door because we’re so busy, and looks like a place that is clean, but lived in. Most of the time Home is loud because we constantly take about everything, we have funny conversations, lots and lots of laughter, and a bunch of I love yous. Home feels like a warm blanket, comfy and cozy and all wrapped up with love and laughter. When I walk into Home, I am overwhelmed with the smell of wonderful cookies in the oven, spaghetti sauce bubbling on top of the stove, and the smell of hockey equipment, not the best smell but one of the first ones I encounter. Home tastes like European Cuisine and the taste of food made with love. Home is the best place on Earth. Home is always there to comfort you. Even though some days at Home are rough, Home is where I feel safe and “Home is definitely where MY heart is”.