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the meaning of home

The meaning of having a home is a state of mind that feels great. It’s a feeling I adore and want to feel all the time. I feel like home is taken for granted sometimes.

Home is a jigsaw puzzle, If you’re missing a piece then you can’t see the real picture. Because if someone died then life wouldn’t be the same. If someone sold there 1st home then you wouldn’t have the same feeling and it would be different and you would miss the home like you would miss your dead family members.

Home is a place were you can express yourself in any way. If you went to a theater and you farted in the movie then everyone would laugh at you, unlike at home they would laugh with you. Farther more you can cry at your home and no one laughs at you and they always help you.

Home is a warm feeling inside that makes me be me. It’s like your family took you on a trip to your home and you felt excited. You have all your first moments unlike your first move.

Home is warmth, love and, happy. Whenever I see someone without a home, I want to help them. I hope people can get a home so it can make them happy.