Grade 5


The Meaning of Home

A home is a place where a family lives.
We celebrate birthdays, and parties in a home.
Your home is always safe to live.
Home is a maze.
In a home you have memories.
Do you like your home? If yes that is good because their are many people who don’t have a home and they need a home.
In a home you have plenty of love with your family.
A home is a place where you are free.
At home you can play electronics.
A home is where you have lots of joy and happiness.
A home is a place were you can do everything.
In your home you can play and have fun.
At home you can spend time with your family.
When you have nightmares, you can tell your parents.
In a home there are some rooms and the rooms are close so you don’t have to be scared.
In your house you can be comfortable.
At home it is not cold like outside. It is warm.
Your home is everything.