Grade 6


The meaning of home

A home is a place to go, When your mood is at an all time low. A home is a place for you. And your friends and family too. A home is a place with all your accessories. And a place with most of your memories. A home is a place to laze, And a place to think about your next faze. A home is a place to love, So cherish it like a DOVE. because sometimes a home get’s replaced. And the people that lived there would think it’s a disgrace. But unfortunately not everybody can say, That once in there life time they had a place to stay. And I think it’s so so tragic, And I simply cannot have it. We can make a change. We can put the world on a bigger stage. By giving everybody a home. So our loving for everyone will be shown. So nobody will be lost. In this terrible thing called COST, so let’s make a change. So nobody will feel the pain. Everyone’s heart is golden. But nobody likes to withhold it. So let’s let our hearts shine, Because poverty can be declined.