Grade 5

Lac du Bonnet

The Meaning of Home

To me home is where you are loved by the people in your life and that should be the same to you. Home is where you are protected by the people in your life and that’s never going to change. I am happy in my home because it feels safe.

When I am at home, I look at pictures and know that soon we will be adding on to those pictures. Adding fun and maybe sad memories but you will always know that this is your home. It is always going to stay and be your home. The memories of home should make you smile – well they make me smile. When I look at pictures I like to look at what my house looked like or what my parents looked like. Home is where I can get ready for school. Some people can’t afford a house or to go to school. Sometimes when I lay in bed waiting for tomorrow, I think “What would it be like to not have a home? What would it be like to not be safe?” I am lucky that I don’t have to worry because I have a home. I am safe and I am loved. I love making boundaries at home. As we get older, we overstep them and make new ones. I think everyone should feel the way I feel. If I win the essay contest, I will try to send as much money as I can so everyone, even the homeless, can feel the way I feel.
And that’s what home really means to me.