Grade 5


the meaning of home

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I am going to talk about the meaning home. Home is a place where family, love and food meet.

First: i will be talking about family, so family is when everybody is related. And family is when everybody eats together. Secondly: I will be talking about love. When your family gives you love and show they care for you and feed you.

Lastly: food, food is something you eat and if you don’t eat you can die, so that’s why your parents make food for you or by food for you so you should take what you get for dinner.
home is the best thing you could ever have un like other people like the poor and poor countries. And we have food and a roof over our heads and families. We have showers to clean ourselves so we don’t get stinky and smelly. we have toilets to go to the washroom. Some people have no water to drink like the people in the desert and dry places. And some people don’t have families and they are by themselves and have no one to talk to, but we have families so we talk to them and love them. better or worse, the houses of our childhoods represented to many of us a good measure of the success. The lawn got cut, the paint got freshened up. Maybe a pool got added out back. When things went well, our houses grew with us. The brothers and sisters played in the backyard and the front yard. the places we played and argued and hung our artwork and marked the door jam with pencil lines as we grew taller. have deep emotional meaning. For those of us fortunate enough to have grown up in houses owned by our parents.