Grade 5


The Meaning of Home

A home is a place to make valuable memories. It is a place where you go to shelter you from rain. It is where you rest your head each night. Home is where you eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. Home is where you live each and every day. Home is where you shelter your pets. Home is a place to ponder life’s greatest questions. It is a place that you and your family have made special from all the paintings and pictures on the wall. It is where you make your school lunches and snacks. A home is where you go to the washroom. A home can be a condo, mansion, apartment and even a mouse hole! A home is a place to play Wii with your sibling and beat them every time on Super Smash Bros. It is where you build amazing model airplanes that hang from the ceiling. A home is your own house, and no one else’s. It is where you have a drawer full of dead batteries, that you don’t know that some of them can be recharged. When it is time for you to move, it hard to let go of all the special memories that you have made over the time that you have been in your home.