Grade 5


The Meaning Of Home

What is the true meaning of home? I always hear that it is just a place where you eat and sleep but to me entering this contest got me thinking what home really means to me.
Growing up I always thought a home was a safe place to stay and to live and a place to spend the holidays with your family. Your home saves memories that can’t be erased like when you were a baby and it was your first Christmas or your second birthday. It can be full of both happy and sad memories. Take me for example; I fell down the stairs and hit my head on the ground. I also have my happy memories when friends come over and we paint our faces with face paint.
All homes are different because all families are different in their own special way. There are many different cultures and that makes every home unique. All people have different traditions during the holidays. For example, at Christmas or Thanksgiving my friend use their tree outside of their home and open presents outside on Christmas.
In my house I feel safe all the time and I also feel protected because my mom and dad live with me. My house is there to protect me and make me feel safe. I like to think that my home has a giant force field around it protecting me all of the time. I really hope that all of the homeless get a home and that their home is as good as mine.