Grade 5


The Meaning of Home

The meaning of home is you will always know you have somewhere to come home to after school or work. You know you are safe because you can lock the doors so you will be away from the world. A home is somewhere to sleep at night and to eat when you are starving. You can sleep at a hotel and eat at a restaurant but you can never act like yourself and be lazy. At a restaurant you can’t just grab a snack every time you are hungry but at home you can because your home is special to you.

A home is where you and your family are hanging around most of the time. If your house ever burns down you will be really sad because that was your house, your special house. You will either move into a new house or build a new one. All houses you live in will have memories. Like my old house whenever we go there I just want to live there because of all the fun or hard times I have had in it.

Your house could be made by you and your family or maybe by carpenters. The walls could be thick or thin and when you yell or scream the people outside can hear or the walls may be so thick that a person standing right outside couldn’t hear you screaming. Inside when you talk loudly the walls could make your voice echo everywhere or it could make your voice sound so much quieter. Your house could be really big, medium or small, no matter what it will always be your house.

Some people don’t have a home, so just be grateful if you do. You may have not realized your home was special, just make sure you take care of it.