Grade 5


The Meaning of Home

To some, home is just a place to sleep,a place to eat, a place to fight and disagree. No! That’s not what home means. Home is a place to be loved, cared for, and a place to have fun. Every child should have access to clean water, good food, and a caring family. Sadly, a lot of kids don’t have those simple things. They don’t have a safe environment to live in. Instead of going to school, they have to work to make enough money to live. Some live in dumpsters, some are orphans. They live in fear of being taken from their homes, treated like slaves.

I am a lucky kid. I can go to school, and after school I have a home to return to. At home, I feel safe, loved and happy. I am safe from harm when I am home. I can play games with my brother, like table tennis. I hear kind words being used, laughter, and my parents talking about where to go for vacation. I smell all the delicious foods my mother is cooking. The air is clean and fresh, free of smoke, car exhaust,and pollution.

This is what home means to me!