Grade 5


The Meaning of Home

Whether it is in Newcastle or Rome,
Have you ever wondered what it takes to build up a home?

The birds have their nests where they can come back to,
Seeing lots of food
Rabbits have deep,dark burrows
And I have my house,
Where in summers we had chicken barbecued
But there is something all of these have shared,
It is the love,warmth,and the people who have cared

I come back home every day,
A bright smile on my face
When I think of home,
I think of a comfy,welcoming place
With all the happiness and laughter,
At times when we are sad,
We will be smiling soon after

Where I hear the sound of my brother’s guitar,
The sweet melody of Hotel California
The slightly burnt scent of cooking,from far
My mum´s red velvet is baking

Home is where we make memories every minute,
And what really matters is the kindness and love within it