Grade 5


The Meaning of Home

The meaning of home

My three big ideas or the meaning of home are family, tradition and being safe.

Home is when we make memories like at family game night at my house it so fun. When each help each other if we need it. When we all work hard and in the we succeed.

Every year on christmas morning me and my sister wait at the top of the stairs well my family gets their cameras out.Every year I get two birthday one in june and one in july at the cottage.Every year my mom hands out candy for halloween. And my mom scared little kids like last year Payton knocked on the door and my mom went out the back door and jump up behind her and scared her.

In my home I feel safe because I’m with my family. In my home I feel safe when I’m with my cat. In my home I feel safe because my mom and dad are cops.

In my home I can list about 20 thing that make me feel safe but the one is that my family is with me.