Grade 4


The Meaning of Home

Home is a place where you can be happy, spend time with family and is a place where you can live and survive.

Home is your shelter, house or cave wherever you live becomes your home.

You celebrate birthdays, Christmas, and all the other celebrations like Valentine’s and new Year. You celebrate all these things at your home. I have Christmas as my most special celebration, because it was the first time I opened a present.

Your family has your members born in your home. You have memories, but people without any home can’t share those memories with their family. So thats a reason why people need a home.

You are lucky if you have a home. It means your family can afford to live in a home. Some people don’t have enough money to live in a home so by writing this I will help people stay and live in a home.

This is the end of my slide. By doing this I shall donate little or lots of money to people who don’t have a home.