Grade 5


The Meaning of Home

Meaning of home!

In my home we do silly stuff it’s a place that we can be ourselves and not get laughed at. Home is so important and this is why!

In my home we make memories with our family. In my home I play with my family I also do family traditions like christmas, easter, halloween, and on new years we always go to my cousins house,and I do silly things with my family which by the end everyone ends up laughing.
I make dreams in my home. When I sleep I dream about what I wish were real or what I hope happens and When I imagine it’s kind of like dreaming, because we are dreaming about stuff we want to happen!
In my home I grow up there, so as we grow we make dreams about what we want to be when we are older.
In my home we get pets.
I my home when I get sad my dog Duchess always cheers me up. , and Duchess is always being silly, so she always makes me laugh. Duchess can also get into the garbage, and she gets in trouble but we still love her.
In our homes we grow up, and we make memories it’s a place that we feel safe. We do silly stuff,we dream, and we have fun. That’s why it’s so important a home isn’t just a place we live it’s also a place that holds great memories with great people, and dreams
Remember you are lucky you have a home, because some people don’t. A house is made of boards and beams and a home is made of love and dreams.